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The MFS is a non-profit community organisation operating in the ACT-Monaro region providing access to both entertainment and direct involvement in a wide range of folk music, dance, and spoken word activities. See: What the Monaro Folk Society does. The MFS is based in Canberra, Australia. For more information please see: About Monaro Folk Society.

For some upcoming event highlights, along with our full Google Calendar, please see our Main Page. For quick reference to other pages in this site, see the alphabetical Public Index in the navigation pane to the left, or the Members Index if you are a Monaro Folk Society member.

About the MFS Wiki

This wiki is a collection of Web pages designed to enable any MFS member who wishes to, to contribute or modify content. The collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia is one of the best-known wikis. Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally described it as "the simplest online database that could possibly work".

"Wiki" (/wiːkiː/) is a Hawaiian word for "fast".

If you are not a current financial member of the Monaro Folk Society you are welcome to browse this public Wiki, but only members are authorised to log in and contribute to its development. We also welcome non-members too!

Members' Site

If you are a current financial member of the Monaro Folk Society, please visit the Members Only Wiki to find some information of interest to members only. Links to both the public and members' web sites are included in the Members Index.

The MFS maintains two sites, this public site and the members-only site. Most information about the MFS is available from this MFS public web site. This includes all events information. However there is some information that is restricted to members-only, either because it is a benefit of membership, or is in the nature of internal discussion, committee minutes, members-only contact details, etc. This information is published on the members-only site, not on this public site. All other information is published on this public site and not duplicated on the members-only site.

Joining the Monaro Folk Society

Membership of the Monaro Folk Society is open to any person. There are many benefits of membership, and you are supporting a worthy community-based organisation by joining.

MFS members are admitted to virtually all paid-entry MFS events at a preferential rate (see Music, Dance for examples), and also receive the monthly Monaro Musings by mail. Members can also take part in the Society's music or singing sessions or dance display groups.

And one more thing - MFS is a very friendly social environment, for listeners and watchers as well as players, dancers and singers at all levels of skill.

For further information, read our article on Joining the Monaro Folk Society.

Find us on Facebook

The Monaro Folk Society is on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/monaro.folk.society

Please "Like" us on Facebook, and we would love to see your photos, videos and stories, and event announcements, on our wall.

MFS Publications



  • The Merry Muse is the Monaro Folk Society's principal music performance venue. Based at the Irish Club, Weston, blackboard performance and feature act on the 1st Sunday of the month. 4.00 - 7.00pm

Music Sessions and Bands

MFS Committee and other Contacts

For contact information please see Contact Us


MFS Dance Activities

Special Events

Dance Groups

  • Bush Dance Group - a cooperative group of dancers, callers and musicians that runs [Bush dance] workshops, monthly bush dances and balls.
  • Irish Set Dance Group - a cooperative group of dancers, teachers and callers that run regular [Irish Set Dance] classes, ceilis and a weekend of dance.
  • Canberra Contra Club - a cooperative group of dancers, callers and musicians that runs American [Contra dance] workshops and dances.
  • English Country Dancing - a cooperative group of dancers and callers that runs workshops for the improvement of dancing style and technique focusing on dances from England; anything from 1650 onwards.

MFS Dance Display Groups

Member's Activities

  • Majors Creek Festival - the Majors Creek Festival returns after a three year recess, from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 November 2014.
  • Bundanoon Bush Dance Weekend - The June long weekend Bundanoon event has been a great success, join the next June long weekend.
  • Jane Austen Festival Australia 10-13 April 2014 - annual event held in Canberra every April attracting hundreds of visitors from around Australia and even from overseas. Small soirees, concerts, a costumed promenade, theatre, archery, fencing, Napoleonic Re-enactors, fashion, food, talks and of course LOTS of dancing feature over three days and four nights, plus there is an opportunity to attend two grand Jane Austen Balls! New venue: University House [Aylwen Gardiner-Garden]
  • 19th Century Costume & Dance Retreat 14-17 April 2014 - annual event held at the historic Yarrangobilly Caves House every April for 40 guests. Small soirees, morning dance workshops, evening costume dances, bush walking, cave tours, swimming in a natural thermal pool and lots more. Self-catered. Ph (02) 6281-1098 [Aylwen Gardiner-Garden]
  • Canberra Shakespeare Festival 7-9 June 2014 - Held in Canberra over the June long weekend. Ph 0409 817 623 . [Aylwen Gardiner-Garden]
  • Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy - historical social dance classes at the ANU & Yarralumla; special themed balls, dance display group, musicians, historical costumes, dance instructions, books, CDs and an email dance newsletter. Ph (02) 6281-1098 . [Aylwen & John Gardiner-Garden]
  • Dancecal.info - See what every dance group in Canberra (and beyond) are doing on any day of the year. Google calendars of all participating dance groups are overlaid on top of each other so that dancers can plan their week of dancing :) Easy for dance groups to join the system. Also has information on festivals. "Tell your friends!" [Nesa Simon David]


The Monaro Folk Society is run by a small army of volunteers. If you would like to join this merry band, please enquire of any existing volunteer, or email Info(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au to discuss ideas. You will be made welcome either way.

For volunteer resources, please see the Document Catalogue. The catalogue includes important information for all volunteers, such as the MFS Code Of Conduct and the Risk Management Plan.


On Line Resources

Members' Services

MFS members can place notices in these areas offering services to folk culture activities.


Sales - Get your copy of the history of the Society book, "A Score and a Half of Folk".


Links of interest to Monaro Folk Society members and those with similar interests.

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