BDG Classes Doorkeeper Checklist

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MFS BDG Classes Doorkeeper Preparation Checklist

You May Need:

  1. Cash box;
  2. Cash float;
  3. Venue key and/or open up / lock up arrangements;
  4. Pen, clipboard, Doorkeeper Tally Sheet;
  5. Raffle tickets book for each price (discard previous stubs), or attendance sheet;
  6. Sign stating prices; Receipt Book, torch, contact details venue & MFS organiser.

MFS BDG Classes Doorkeeper Checklist

  1. Please smile, enjoy and make patrons welcome.
  2. Record entries at each price (eg by raffle tickets), tally free entries under each reason.
  3. Cash and cheques are accepted, credit card payments may be made via
  4. Issue receipt for any non-admission receipts, and for admission on request. Write the receipt number, date and amount clearly on membership forms.
  5. Provide refunds on request and note amount & reason on tally sheet.

MFS Doorkeeper Pack-Up Checklist

  1. Reconcile Qty x Price + other receipts - disbursements + float = cash tin count
  2. Note amount to be banked on tally sheet (net takings less float) signed by banker.
  3. Heater off and door locked at end of evening

MFS Banking Checklist

  1. Use an email or spreadsheet to record
    1. Admissions Qty x Price, # of free entries by reason.
    2. Other receipts (Receipt No, Name, Purpose)
    3. Total of each type of income and expenditure giving total banked.
    4. Email event results to mfs-accounts(at)googlegroups(dot)com, CC bdg-committee(at)googlegroups(dot)com, and [email protected] if there are other receipts.
  2. Bank takings:
    1. Keep cash and electronically electronic transfer same amount to MFS and send cheques to bookkeeper, or
    2. Pay-in to the MFS account at a Westpac bank branch.
  3. Send membership forms to membership secretary, marked with receipt number, date and amount.
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