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Bush dancing is Australian traditional social dancing. It's fun and friendly and new people are always welcome. All dances are taught and there is no need to bring a partner. And all workshops and dances are to the live music by the musicians of the society, as the Bush Capital Band.

Dances and Classes

Bush Dance Classes on most Monday evenings from February to November, (not public holidays or during school holidays)

Dancing in the Park on most Monday evenings December and January

Saturday Night Dance on most months, the second Saturday of the month at All Saints church Hall 9 Cowper St Ainslie Map

Our regular dates may be affected by holidays and special events. Please check the MFS Calendar before attending.

For information about a series of friendly, welcoming dance classes to live music, including a flyer, please see Bush Dance Classes.

What dances do we do?

There is lots of variety in the dances. We do longways sets (such as Strip the Willow and Virginia Reel), quadrilles (such as Cumberland Square 8 and The Lancers), couples dances (such as Pride of Erin and Brown Jug Polka), around the room dances (such as The Dashing White Sergeant and Margaret's Waltz), and many others.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably! Bush dancing is great exercise, and it is a good workout, and so don’t overdress. Even in winter you probably won’t want to wear a jumper or long sleeves while dancing. Layers of clothing work well, just as in Cross-Country skiing. Women often enjoy dancing in a skirt, as skirts flow to the music. Casual shirts are common dress. Don’t worry about what to wear – there is no special costume, just be comfortable. You probably will get warm as you dance.

What about shoes?

Since we dance on hardwood floors, many people bring a separate pair of shoes from the ones they wear to the dance. Clean off any grit from outside that might be on the soles of your shoes and could damage the floor. If possible, it is preferred not to dance in shoes with rubber soles, as these are harder on your joints – ankles, knees and hips in the long run. But people have danced in joggers, tennis shoes or whatever. If you get into dancing you might purchase a pair of dance shoes. The main thing is that your shoes are comfortable for you for active dancing. This normally means flat, comfortable shoes with smooth soles.

The music

We dance to live music, the Bush Capital Band led by Bob Hodgson. The Monday workshops/classes are open stage, so anyone is welcome to join in. Because of this the line up is wonderfully varied and includes violins, accordions, guitars, flutes, harmonicas and penny whistles. If you would like to be part of the band, contact Bob at (02) 6255 2189.

The callers

The caller coordinator is Peter Foster, who has been calling for Woolies Home Band (and others) for over 15 years. It is an open floor by prior arrangement, so anyone who wishes to call a dance is welcome to do so. If you would like to give it a go, contact [email protected]. For some useful info about calling, check out Colin Hume's Callers Workshop.


Bush dancing has to be the best value-for-money recreation around.

Regular Bush Dance Group Saturday dances cost just $12, $11 for Groups and Concessions, $10 for MFS members (you can join at the door), under 18 free.

Monday Bush Dance Workshops cost just $8, $7 for Groups and Concessions, $6 for MFS members (you can join at the door), under 18 free; plus you can try your first Workshop for free.

Full-time students are offered half price entry to all bush dancing events, just show your student card.

Hope to see you sometime!

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