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Ian Bull

Caller of folk, traditional, kids' and bush dancing. ian.bull(at)homemail(dot)com(dot)au or 6231-5974

Diana & Daryl Powell


Colin Towns

0417 020 615 or ctowns(at)pcug(dot)org(dot)au Specialist in English (from 1650), American Contra and Square, Morris and Sword dancing.

John Garden

Calls fun dances for weddings, parties, historical dances, bush dances, school functions, fetes, fairs, medieval days, steampunk balls, Jane Austen dancing and more!
6281 1098 or email [email protected]
More information online

JOHN GARDEN (french style lute-back hurdy-gurdy, english border bagpipes, irish style wooden flute, hungarian small flute or furulya) has his own band, "Earthly Delights", writes the band's original tunes, leads the dancing, researches the old dance manuals and produces the Earthly Delights' recordings and books. He has extensive experience teaching social dance from the last 5 centuries, performing music from many parts of the world, choreographing folk and ballroom dances, and composing music.
The arts magazine The Muse has headlined him as 'The Dancing Master' (February 2004) and the editor of kindly wrote (Issue 12, March-April 2002) 'I have heard most of what we, in the British Isles and Ireland, have produced but in John Garden we have met our match. He is up there with the very best and the best and leaves most of the rest yapping at his feet'.
John has an interest in many styles of music and dance. From 1980 to 1986 John danced with Renaissance, Irish, Scottish, Finnish, Australian Colonial and International dance groups in Canberra, learnt dances in many other traditions from visiting dance teachers, and sampled many styles of dancing during various study periods in the former Soviet Union, Europe and Asia.
From mid-1986 to 1987 he learnt Baroque, Irish, English country, American contra, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Vintage and Scandinavian dancing in the US and was honoured to receive a scholarship to the Medicino Dance Camp in California.

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