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End of Month Dance Doorkeeper Notes

You will Need

In the dance bag: Cash box, hall key, pen, clipboard, raffle tickets book for each price with previous stubs thrown away, receipt book. The float is $150 or as otherwise agreed for the event and the float amount clearly marked with the float in the cash box. Normally aim for $50 in gold coin.

You may wish to bring a torch, and please ensure that you have emergency point of contact details for the venue owner and the committee running the event. The Door Roster Manager will be happy to help you with anything you need.

You or the band will need the key to open up and lock up. If you will have the key, check with the band and organise the time to let them in to set up. This is normally 7pm for an 8pm start, but this needs to be checked with the band.

Entry Prices

Make sure that you know the entry prices and have a sign stating the prices. Bush dance entry is normally $18, $16 for Groups and Concessions, $14 for MFS members (they can join at the door and pay the members' price). Latecomers after 9:30pm half price, after 10:30pm, free; under 18 accompanied by dancing adults and non-dancing spectators, free. Non-dancing children must be accompanied by an adult who, for safety reasons, can ensure that the non-dancing children are not allowed on the dance floor during dancing.

Full-time students are offered half price entry to all bush dancing events, student card must be shown.
Come and Try: Entry to a person's first bush dancing event at All Saints Ainslie or Cook Hall is FREE.

Refreshment money $1 bottomless cup is collected separately in box provided by refreshments person. Remember you can change notes for coins between the two boxes if you need to.

Group Entry

If the customer quotes a group name, or radio station, or database, etc, please take a note of the group name, or place ticks against an existing group name, and cheerfully welcome them at the group price.

The dances pay their way over the year - we generally need people more than we need money.

Free Entry

Non-dancing spectators, for example relatives or friends coming along for a look, are welcome at no charge. There is no charge to musicians, callers, doorkeepers and other core helpers (eg refreshments person and non-dancing photographers). Use your discretion and if they ask, that's ok, just note their names please.


Please refund money in full to anyone who finds the dance not to their complete satisfaction, along with an invitation for them to come back to MFS activities again. They may for example feel that there are not enough other people in their age group, in which case while refunding their money you may wish to suggest that they get together a group of their friends and try again some other time. We need their future participation more than we need their money.

Refunds on the same night are straightforward - their own money is given back, their attendance is not counted, and they simply don't appear in the books.


Tear out and throw away previous night's raffle ticket stubs. Paid entries receive a raffle ticket from the book marked with the price they paid. The raffle ticket books are secured to the "Prices for Ticket Books" sheets. There is one sheet for each set of prices, named according to the type of dance. Free entries do not receive a raffle ticket, but please mark them on the tally sheet.

A receipt is issued for all other receipts apart from door admission covered by raffle tickets. Please issue a receipt for memberships, ball ticket sales, etc. Write the receipt number, date and amount clearly on the membership form.

The receipt book receipts are in duplicate, with the top copy for the purchaser, and a residual copy left in the receipts book.

Please note that the society does not accept debit or credit cards. On-line payments may be made via Direct Bank Transfer, otherwise only cash or cheques are accepted at the door.


A membership application must be filled in by the applicant and a receipt given by the doorkeeper. Please double-check that the date and amount paid is clearly shown on the application form, and that new members joining in late December through to March only pay half the annual fee. People joining in April to June pay the following year's fee and receive free membership for the balance of the current year. Please see the application form for details.

End of Month Dance Doorkeeper Tally Sheet

EOM Doorkeeper Tally Sheet400.jpg

Please use the tally sheet to take a note of

- No. of tickets at each price

- Free entries - names or numbers and reasons. MFS-Complimentary free entries are provided by MFS Committee to office-holders such as the Monaro Musings Editors. For MFS-Complimentary entries please show the name and "x2" if accompanied.

- Takings of each type and total takings

For Full Time Students at half price - provide a full-price ticket marked "S" and show a tally mark against the half-price amount. The full-price "number of tickets issued" calculation becomes EndTicketNumber + 1 - StartTicketNumber - NumberAtHalfPrice

If someone else is banking the takings, they will give you a receipt for the proceeds at 10:30pm. The person doing the banking will need the information from the tally form so they can email the information from the form to EOMDOT and MFS Accounts.


You can pay cash takings in by keeping the cash and electronically transferring the same amount to MFS by electronic funds transfer, or by paying-in to the MFS account at a Westpac bank branch. The bank account details are available from the MFS Treasurer, Bookkeeper or EOMDOT Chair. Please see Contact Details. Note that there are Westpac branches open on Saturday mornings - see http://www.nowwhere.com.au/westpac/locator/Australia/default.aspx. Select "Branch", in "Australian Capital Territory", town=Canberra, and tick "Open Saturday and extended trading hours"

Cheques can be paid in at a Westpac bank branch or arrangements made for their pay-in in consultation with MFS-Accounts.

Please email full details of Pay-ins - date, amount, and breakup of the money paid in - door takings, memberships, etc.

TO: Bookkeeper and Treasurer: treasurer(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au and mfs-accounts(at)googlegroups(dot)com

CC: eomdot(at)googlegroups(dot)com

Please note that the Treasurer is the primary point of contact for matters financial. The Treasurer is assisted by bookkeeper(s) appointed by the MFS Committee. The Treasurer takes care of policy and reporting matters, and MFS-Accountss keep all records and reconcile the books and bank accounts. You may need the mail address of the Bookkeeper, available by email from mfs-accounts(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au.

The Bookkeeper will update the books from your email and the Treasurer will file a backup copy to be used in the case of reconciliation or handover problems for example.

"Paperless" Banking

If you are

(1) able to scan and email membership and other paper forms received, or if there are no forms, and

(2) willing to deposit cheques to the MFS account at a Westpac branch, or there are no cheques

then you can electronically process the takings, and send any paper originals for filing next time you are writing, or as a batch. It's your choice entirely, between this option and the option of sending paper to the Membership Secretary or other for processing.

Under this option, write "emailed to Treasurer & MFS-Accounts [date] [Initials]" on the forms before scanning them.

Include in the email above, a list of receipts issued - receipt number, date, amount, description. Attach a EOM Dance Doorkeeper Tally Sheet or digital photo of membership forms received. The EOM Dance Doorkeeper Tally Sheet or other covering return can be entered into Open Office or Miscrosoft Excel XLS file and saved and attached, or scanned and attached.

If any receipt numbers are not used, eg because of spoilage, please advise Treasurer & MFS-Accounts by email.

Batch up the paper originals and send them to the membership secretary eg next time you are writing or as a batch.

"Classic" Banking

You can either pay cheques in to the MFS bank account along with cash, as above, or send them to someone who is able to pay them in to a Westpac branch.

Send an email as above indicating what has been paid-in and what has been mailed to the membership secretary or other.


If anything that is not covered in the notes requires decision then feel free to make your own judgment calls, remembering that the aim is to encourage participation.

If the matter is major and you need advice please contact a member of the organising team running the event.


Please see the End Of Month Dance Organising Team link under Contact Details in the MFS Members' site.

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