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Roles and Responsibilities

See End of Month Dance Organising Team Roles and Responsibilities


For information email dance(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au

EOMDOT Volunteers

Thanks to all our volunteers including those listed below.

Core Volunteers

  • Antonella S (EOMDOT Co-ordinator)
  • Rita & John T (Tea & Coffee)
  • Mark S (Colonial Ball ticket sales co-ordinator)
  • Matthew G (Door roster co-ordinator)
  • The rostered door team are afforded free entry to the event and also to one other EOMDOT-run dance (other than the Colonial Ball).

Bands & Callers

  • EOMDOT Band Bookings: Linda A
  • EMail to MFSBandBookings(at)gmail(dot)com is forwarded to Linda A and Barbara & Lance C
  • Band billets: Antonella S
  • For scheduled bands and callers and other details please see End of Month Bush Dances

Bush Dancing Publicity Posters & Flyers

Peter G


Meeting host: Antonella S

Signs & Decorations

Wool Bale Hessian Hangings for the Woolshed

Wool Bale Hangings

4 sets of 4 or 5 Hessian drops.

Custodian: Matt H, April 2012 onwards

Sewing and Joining: Linda A, January 2012

Venue Bookings

  • EOMDOT Venue Bookings: position vacant


  • Google Groups: Simon D
  • EOMDOT MFS Main Page: Pierre S


EOM Google Calendar Update

EOM Dance Band Booking Processes

EOM Dance Doorkeepers Kit

EOM Dance Doorkeeper Notes

EOM Dance Events Record

EOM Venue Bookings


Colonial Ball 1 September 2012

Colonial Ball 3 September 2011

DRAFT EOM Dance Pass REJECTED BY EOMDOT Thursday 9 February 2012

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