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Please use the Event Financial Return Google Form to report the results of all Monaro Folk Society events.

The form should be submitted as soon as possible after the event, and any banking, are complete.

The return will

  • assist the Treasurer in tracking event income and expenditure
  • provide MFS Committee with an overview of all MFS events and their results
  • provide MFS Organisers with information about all society events to assist them in their planning their own events
  • provide openness and transparency around free entries, incomes and expenditures
  • provide evidence that the activity is an activity of the Monaro Folk Society for insurance purposes and ensure that MFS Committee is aware of all MFS events for insurance planning
  • provide organisers with a record of their events, for their management and planning purposes

MFS Organisers can inspect the responses sorted by Organiser. The spreadsheet can be filtered to select the rows to be displayed.

Please notify corrections or updates to returns recorded in the spreadsheet, by email to Secretary(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au

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