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Monaro Folk Society - 33rd Annual Ball: The Founders' Ball

=== Founders' Ball -:- 7 September 2013 ===

The Monaro Folk Society was privileged to hold The Founders' Ball, at the Albert Hall on 7 September 2013 as part of the Centenary of Canberra Kick Up Your Heels series of dances: see the KUYH/SoCanDance website for further details.

Our Founders’ Ball reflected the music and dance from 1913 into the late 1920s: the period of time from when Canberra was named, until the Albert Hall opened in 1928.

The evening commenced with a Taster Class at 6:30pm, followed at 7:30pm by a recital by the Theatre Organ Society (TOSA) on their Compton Theatre Organ, with the Ball proper commencing at 8pm.

More than 130 guests danced to the music of Stringfiddle Big Band, led by Bob McInnes. Callers were Claire Stoneman, Sandie Martens, Bruce Lemin and Colin Towns (who was also MC).

The team who brought you the Founders' Ball - our 33rd Annual Ball - was: Antonella Salpietro, Bruce Lemin, Declan O'Connell, Jenny Wardrobe, Jo Purcell, John Hewat, Mark Simmons, Sandra Martens and Tina Lynam.

This is the same team who last February brought you the Shearer's Ball, the other leg of our Society's involvement in the Centenary Kick Up Your Heels program (which makes MFS the only organisation to run two events in the series), and also the opening bat which set a standard for the whole 12-dance program. Both events have attracted widespread praise for the music and dance content and the overall organisation, not only from regular local dancers, from experienced dancers from interstate, and maybe more importantly from people who found their feet through the program.


During the lead-up to the Ball, the organisers had provided ideas about fashion of the period, using images from sheet music covers such as those below, which were sourced from the Music Collection in the National Library of Australia.

KosuskoTango1910s-01.gif ThatTangoTeaTango1912-03.gif ThePinkLadyLancers1912-02.gif IlonaTango1914-01.gif MissBond1920s-01.gif TheTintexGirlOnestep1924-02.gif
Kosusko Tango (1910s) That Tango Tea Tango (1912) The Pink Lady (Waltz or Lancers, 1912) Ilona Tango (1914) Miss Bond One-Step (lingerie advert, 1920s) The Tintex Girl (One-step, 1924)

Now, to see how enthusiastically the guests took up the option of dressing in period costume, look further down the page.

(To see a full-size version of any of the images on this page, right-click on it and choose "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link in New Window". Alternatively, just left-click, then use the Back button to return to this Gallery.)

All photos by Hannah Wardrobe, except the following by Jenny Wardrobe: Row 2 #4; Row3 #1, #3, #4, #6, #7; Row 4 #7, #12, #13.

FoundersBallHW-166ed 3.jpg FoundersBallHW-172ed 3.jpg FoundersBallHW-173ed 3.jpg FoundersBallHW-177ed 3.jpg FoundersBallHW-178ed 3.jpg FoundersBallHW-202-Edit.jpg
FoundersBallHW-235ed 3.jpg FoundersBallHW-277ed 3.jpg FoundersBallHW-100-edit-2 3.jpg IMG 3863 2.JPG FoundersBallHW-313ed 2.jpg FoundersBallHW-43 2.jpg
Img 3855 2crop.jpg FoundersBallHW-132ed 3.jpg IMG 3822 2.JPG IMG 3839 2.JPG FoundersBallHW-120-ed 3.jpg LindaAlanMoirGavin 2.JPG IMG 3817 1.JPG
FoundersBallHW-296ed 2.jpg FoundersBallHW-20 3.jpg FoundersBallHW-295ed 2.jpg FoundersBallHW-3 2.jpg FoundersBallHW-54 2.jpg FoundersBallHW-65 2.jpg PosterDoorprizeIMG 3732.JPG FoundersBallHW-126ed3.jpg FoundersBallHW-305ed 2.jpg FoundersBallHW-333-ed 2.jpg FoundersBallHW-98-ed 2.jpg IMG 3774-Angela 2.JPG IMG 3809 - Adrienne & Bill 1.jpg

Dance Programme

The dance program for the Founders' Ball, including detailed descriptions of the dances, is recorded on the(KUYH/SoCanDance website, where there is a link from the Founders' Ball page.

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