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MFS-Announce is an email list for official MFS and MFS-related announcements.

It is available for announcement of public events of interest to members of the Monaro Folk Society, and members of the public who may share this interest. The events do not need to be run by the MFS, events by other organisers who support and promote the MFS and its ideals are also acceptable. This means folk concerts or festivals and related activities that are not MFS could also be announced.

The mailing list is not restricted to current members of the MFS. If you have friends who are interested in the Society's activities, tell them that they are welcome to subscribe.

To subscribe, send an email to mfs-announce-request(at)lists(dot)tip(dot)net(dot)au with “subscribe" (without the quotes) as the subject line.

If you have a message you want sent out you should make sure it meets the guidelines (below), and then send it to MFS-announce(at)lists(dot)tip(dot)net(dot)au.

You will need to subscribe to the list before you can post to the list, but you can easily unsubscribe again, if you wish.

Please address your item to readers, not the list administrators. The administrators cannot edit your message, to remove a preamble to them for example. Your message and its subject will go out exactly as you send it.


A system of eMail "Topics" is used in the subject line, so you can filter the emails that you receive, based on topic keywords placed by senders in the subject line of their emails. These topics are:

  • Dancing (keyword "Dance"),
  • the Merry Muse (keyword "Merry Muse"),
  • Music (excluding the Merry Muse) (keyword "Music"),
  • the Monaro Musings Newsletter (keyword "Musings"),
  • A Monaro Folk Society Event (keyword "MFS"), and
  • Notices that are important to MFS Members (keyword "MFS-Important")

If you do not want to receive all emails you can choose the topics that interest you. By default, you will receive all mail, but should you wish to select particular categories of messages to receive, or perhaps even to delete yourself from the list entirely, there is a 2 step process involved:

Changing Your Details and Unsubscribing

1) First, use your web browser to log on to the mailing list website (, enter your email address, and click on "Send Password"

2) Once you have received your password, return to the website, enter your email address and the password when prompted, then change details as required.

The section headed "Which topic categories would you like to subscribe to?" is towards the bottom of the list of options.

If you are an MFS member please make sure that you tick "MFS-Important" so that you will receive notices that are important to MFS Members, maybe a change to the AGM venue, that sort of thing. This is particularly recommended now that we have no editor for our usual newsletter.

Most of the other options need never be changed, but you may want to change your email address to which our announce messages are sent, and possibly your password.

It is a good idea to check the "Latest News" heading on the main page from time to time, particularly if you have Topic Filters set or are not subscribed to MFS-Announce.

Your Options

Some of the more frequently used options are:

Mail delivery

Set this option to "Enabled" to receive messages posted to the announce mailing list. Set it to :Disabled" if you want to stay subscribed, but don't want mail delivered to you for a while (e.g. you're going on vacation). If you disable mail delivery, don't forget to re-enable it when you come back; it will not be automatically re-enabled.

Digest Mode

If you turn digest mode on, you'll get posts bundled together (usually one per day but possibly more on busy lists), instead of singly when they're sent. If digest mode is changed from "on" to "off", you may receive one last digest before starting to receive the individual postings.

Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?

Your mail reader may or may not support MIME digests. In general MIME digests are preferred, but if you have a problem reading them, select plain text digests.

Which topic categories would you like to subscribe to?

By selecting one or more topics, you can filter the traffic on the mailing list, so as to receive only a subset of the messages. If a message matches one of your selected topics, then you will get the message, otherwise you will not. If a message does not match any topic, the delivery rule depends on the setting of the option below. If you do not select any topics of interest, you will get all the messages sent to the mailing list. Topics available are:

Monaro Musings (Subject contains "Musings")
Dance (Subject Contains "Dance") 
Merry Muse (Subject contains "Merry Muse") 
Music (Subject contains "Music")
Monaro Folk Society Event (Subject contains "MFS")
Notices that are important to MFS Members (Subject contains "MFS-Important")

In each case the quotation marks are not needed, so a subject containing "Saturday MFS Bush Dance at St Johns" will match topics "MFS" and "Dance", and thus go to anyone who has marked "MFS" or "Dance" as topics of interest.

Do you want to receive messages that do not match any topic filter?

This option only takes effect if you've subscribed to at least one topic above. It describes what the default delivery rule is for messages that don't match any topic filter. Selecting "No" says that if the message does not match any topic filters, then you won't get the message, while selecting "Yes" says to deliver such non-matching messages to you.

If no topics of interest are selected when you subscribe, then you will receive every message sent to the mailing list.

MFS-Announce Publication Guidelines

You need to join the list before you can post to it. Joining the list is free, simply send an email to mfs-announce-request(at)lists(dot)tip(dot)net(dot)au with “subscribe" (without the quotes) as the subject line.

Please ensure that your message meets the following checklist:

  1. Public event of interest to members of the Monaro Folk Society, and members of the public who may share this interest.
  2. Run by the MFS, or by organisers who support and promote the MFS and its ideals, or by other folk organisations.
  3. Plain Text; attachments cannot be forwarded.
  4. Maximum 20KB length of message body ("succinctness is goodness").
  5. Topic Keyword(s) anywhere in the subject (Dance, Merry Muse, Musings, Music, MFS) matching your topic. If the topic(s) do not occur naturally in the subject, you can add them to the end eg "Colonial Ball Early Bird Closes Today [MFS Dance]".
    Please do not use "MFS-Important" unless authorised, and do not use terms like "Non-MFS" because the "Non-" will be ignored by the filter and it will be taken as "MFS".
  6. Addressed explicitly to MFS-announce(at)lists(dot)tip(dot)net(dot)au. BCCs ("Implicit Addresses") and too many addresses will result in rejection, to help fight any spam problems.

If you receive an automatic response that your request has been sent for moderation because it is too long or doesn't conform in other ways, please correct the problem and re-send the message. The moderators cannot make changes to messages to make them acceptable, or over-ride the rules; they will simply reject your original message and ask you to address the issue and try again.

If you receive the message that the list is moderated, please be patient. If you receive your message from the MFS-Announce list then you know it worked and no further action is needed. If more than 48 hours go by and you do not receive your message as sent out by MFS-Announce, or a reason for non-sending, or if your message needs urgent attention, please contact either membership(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au or secretary(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au

List Administrators

The MFS-Announce list is run by the folk listed in the footing as "MFS-announce list run by" at

The internal use only List Administrators' Notes are in the MFS members web site.

Note to Unmoderated Contributors

Moderators and unmoderated contributors can send directly to the list by sending to the normal address:

Make sure that the message meets the guidelines above and has the above address in the "To" line with no CC or BCCs. This is to help protect against the forwarding of spam or junk email.

MFS-Announce is not intended as a discussion forum or a political or fund-raising forum, and abuse of the privilege of sending un-moderated messages to the list will result in removal of that privilege.

Unmoderated contributors need to be especially careful not to send a reply to the whole list when intending to reply to the sender of a message to the list.

Please see the Moderator Notes in the MFS members web site.

Content Manager: MFS Committee. Status: Confirmed by MFS Committee 24Mar15.

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