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The MFS Committee is responsible for setting policy and strategies.

The MFS Committee is appointed by MFS members and is accountable to the members.

Roles and Responsibilities

1) Provides Strategic Leadership

2) Sets whole of society policies and processes

3) Consults stakeholders before making decisions

4) Approves Roles & Responsibilities

5) appoints any new volunteers that will be reporting as office-holders directly to the MFS Committee, or on an organising team that reports to the MFS Committee. In the latter case, the MFS Committee takes into account the advice of the existing organising team members when making appointments.

6) Approves budgets and variations

7) Holds organisers accountable by reviewing and accepting reports

8) Provides insurance for all MFS activities that need insurance

9) Keeps accounts and other records needed for incorporation

10) Makes all records available for electronic inspection by members

11) Provides whole of society promotion and image building

12) Provides whole of society web content management

Example Activities

  • Organise Annual General Meeting
  • Make whole-of-society decisions following consultation with stakeholders
  • Make routine decisions
  • Make decisions on-line and at face-to-face meetings
  • Accept minutes and record of on-line decisions using on-line voting and amendment
  • Publish accepted minutes and record of on-line decisions for member information and action
  • Confirm accepted minutes and record of on-line decisions at the next face-to-face MFS Committee meeting.
  • Recruit and retain volunteers
  • Organise training and team building activities
  • Authorise activities
  • Provide whole-of-society media content
  • Report to members

Web Content Management

Responsible For

The MFS Committee is responsible for the web content management of the pages shown at the Category:MFS-Committee listing.

Other Web Content Management

Content Manager: MFS Committee; Status: Confirmed by MFS Committee 10Feb15.

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