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All MFS doorkeepers and related organisers are invited to join the MFS-Doorkeepers Google Group. MFS Committee members that have an interest in doorkeeping matters are also encouraged to join the group. The term "group member" in this document means all of the above.


This group allows convenient communication from MFS Committee and the Membership Secretary to all group members, and discussion between group members. It is not a separate organisational group, just an email address list.

There are also documents that, for reasons such as security, cannot be stored on the MFS Public or Members site. This group allows documents to be stored securely and made available only to group members.

Google Account

In order to join this or any other Google Group, you will need a free Google Account. This is needed so that access to the group can be controlled. Please use an account name that other group members will recognise - maybe your real name or given name and first initial of surname eg John Doe or JohnD.

Please ensure that the "nickname" showing in the MFS-Doorkeepers group is your real name.

To create a Google account, surf along to and follow the prompts.

Joining the Group

When you have a Google account, you can join the MFS-Doorkeepers group by clicking "Apply for Group Membership" at:

Leaving the Group

If you cease being an MFS doorkeeper, please select "Edit My Membership" and then "Unsubscribe".

Group Administration

The MFS-Doorkeepers group is a closed group.

Only group members can receive a copy of emails sent to the group, or read the files stored in the group web site.

Only group members can post to the group, edit pages and upload files.

The group can be used by group members who can receive email but cannot access the web pages, and by group members who can access the web pages but not receive email. For help on special settings please contact President(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au.

Group EMail

The history of all emails sent through the group is available under the heading "discussions" at

If you are a group member, you can send an email to the group by addressing it to
[email protected]

The membership secretary will use this group to distribute membership lists for reference by doorkeepers.

Group Pages

The following pages are available to group members in the "Pages" section of

  • Contact Details - the group provides a secure location to keep doorkeepers contact details, and other emergency contact details - venues, organisers, etc. All group members are encouraged to add their details to the page. For ease of contact, a single contact page is shared by all group members.

Group members are invited to maintain easily updated and shared rosters on the group site, by creating one page for each roster.

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