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All MFS organisers are invited to join the MFS-Organisers Google Group. The term "Organisers" in this context means the office-holders, organising teams (or committees, sub-committees etc), other organisers that report directly to the MFS Committee, and interested volunteers.


This group allows convenient communication between MFS Committee and all MFS organisers. It is not a separate organisational group, just an email address list for all organisers. It is a discussion group. A typical consultation process is:

1) MFS Committee is requested to consider a proposal, either by an MFS Committee member or from correspondence inwards.

2) MFS Committee clarifies the proposal so that it is in a form that is suitable for consideration.

3) MFS Committee seeks comments on the proposal from organisers.

4) Organisers respond.

5) Responses are considered by MFS Committee members.

6) MFS Committee considers the proposal, taking into account consultation comments.

Google Account

In order to join this or any other Google Group, you will need a free Google Account. This is needed so that access to the group can be controlled. Please use an account name that other organisers will recognise - maybe your real name or given name and first initial of surname eg John Doe or JohnD.

Please ensure that the "nickname" showing in the MFS-Organisers group is your real name.

To create a Google account, surf along to and follow the prompts.

Joining the Group

When you have a Google account, you can join the MFS-Organisers group by clicking "Apply for Group Membership" at:

Leaving the Group

If you cease being an MFS Organiser, please select "Edit My Membership" and then "Unsubscribe".

Group Administration

The MFS-Organisers group is a closed group.

Only group members can receive a copy of emails sent to the group, send to the group, or browse the email history stored in the group.

The group can be used by group members who can receive email but cannot access the web pages, and by group members who can access the web pages but not receive email. For help on special settings please contact secretary(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au.

Group EMail

The history of all emails sent through the group is available under the heading "discussions" at You can change your settings at that address, for example if you are not closely involved, set "No Email" and check for items of interest in the group from time to time.

Group members can send an email to the group by addressing it to [email protected]

Please see also Office-Holders and Organisers Checklist

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