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The Multi-Genre Dancers' Dance

The Multi-Genre Dancers' Dance is a fast-moving fun night for intermediate to experienced dancers. The emphasis is on doing well-known dances with a minimum of calling, especially dances that are popular with more experienced dancers, and teaching some more challenging dances. The evening will feature a mixture of dance styles presented by a number of callers expert in that style. Dances may include Irish, Contra, Scandinavian, Scottish, Bush, Bavarian, Playford, etc.

They will generally be held twice a year on the fourth Saturday of months with five Saturdays, alternating with the Bush Dancers Dance.

Saturday 22 April 2017 Dance

The next Multi-Genre Dancers' Dance will be on 22 April 2017, starting at 7pm.

Callers for the evening at this stage are:
Peter Foster - Bush and Contra
Colin Towns - a mixture that may include English, Contra and others
Bruce Clark - Scottish
Roger Gifford - Scandinavian
Jim Williams - Bavarian
Mark Simmons - Bush and couples

To give you some idea of what we have done previously, the Multi-Genre Dancers' Dance in 2014 featured dances from a mixture of dance genres and styles, with the dances on the program including:
Trip To Bavaria
Swirling Waters
Shiftin' Bobbins
The Silver Grey
Australian Ladies or Aussie Blokes
Posties Jig
Dover Pie
Red and All Red
Jack's Health
I Care Not For These Ladies
Axes To Grind
Four Leaf Clover
The Fisherman's Reel
Bromyard Square
The Old Bark Hut
The Cauldron
Tea Break Waltz


All Saints Church Hall 9 Cowper St Ainslie. Map


7pm to 10.30pm. Please see the Calendar for dates

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably! Dancing is great exercise, and it is a good workout, and so don’t overdress. Even in winter you probably won’t want to wear a jumper or long sleeves while dancing. Layers of clothing work well, just as in Cross-Country skiing. Women often enjoy dancing in a skirt, as skirts flow to the music. Casual shirts are common dress. Don’t worry about what to wear – there is no special costume, just be comfortable. You probably will get warm as you dance.

What about shoes?

Since we dance on hardwood floors, many people bring a separate pair of shoes from the ones they wear to the dance. Clean off any grit from outside that might be on the soles of your shoes to avoid damaging the dance floor. If possible, it is preferred not to dance in shoes with rubber soles, as these are harder on your joints – ankles, knees and hips in the long run. But people have danced in joggers, tennis shoes or whatever. If you get into dancing you might purchase a pair of dance shoes. The main thing is that your shoes are comfortable for you for active dancing. This normally means flat, comfortable shoes with smooth soles.


MFS dancing has to be the best value-for-money recreation around. The cost of the Multi-Genre Dancers' Dance is just $10 for MFS members (you can join at the door), $11 for Groups (including interstate dancers) and Concessions, or $12, with under 18s free.

Full-time students half price, just show your student card.

Billets for Interstate Visitors

Interstate visitors may be able to be billeted - please contact Mark Simmons before 12 April on 0421 814 718 or email marksimmons(at)hotmail(dot)com(dot)au and we'll try and find you accommodation with Canberra dancers.

Hope to see you there!

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