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Current policy - (operational 4 years to date)

1. Definitions

"MFS Bands" are bands run by MFS members that rehearse as activities of the MFS, covered by MFS public liability insurance. The performances of these bands are also activities of the MFS.

As with all MFS activities, the organisers of MFS dance bands must be members of the society, and participants in the activities (in this case dance band members) should be MFS members or else must be encouraged to take up membership.

2. Financial reporting

Where MFS bands perform and report financial transactions involved to the MFS treasurer, they are performing as an activity of the MFS, for the purpose of Public liability insurance cover. Where financial transactions are not reported to the MFS treasurer they are not covered by the society policy.

It has been suggested in addition, that:

Where an MFS band needs to quote the MFS ABN number, the full proceeds from that event must be paid into the MFS bank account, and payment to the band made by the Treasurer. In this case a 3.5% fee will apply (from 2016), unless a larger amount is agreed. - ( Committee endorsement required before being instituted.)

3. PA use

It is recognised that MFS Band members contribute to the society in many ways, with band members paying membership fees, and so no additional contribution is sought to cover the insurance of MFS Dance PA equipment used by MFS Bands performing as an MFS activity at non-MFS events.

MFS Bands are offered free use of MFS Dance PA equipment, subject to Dance PA coordinator approval.

MFS PA equipment may be hired out to non-MFS bands, particularly when they are performing at MFS events, at the discretion of the dance PA coordinator, and at a rate negotiated by the coordinator.

The normal arrangement is for the users of MFS PA equipment to arrange safe pick-up, use, storage and return of MFS PA equipment.

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