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Using Small PA Systems

(book by Simon Kravis) Sound mixing for beginners. $25 includes p&p Brian Boylan 0402-093-837

Lost Dances of Earthly Delights

2 Books & 8 CDs - Volume ONE and Volume TWO from John Gardiner-Garden

Historic Dance

10 Books - available online from John Gardiner-Garden. Here are 10 chronologically framed volumes each of between 640 and 740 A4 pages. Each volume is divided into five parts. In Part 1, Dance Context, John considers the social, political and geographic context in which dance was evolving and the continuities and changes in the institution of the ball. In Part 2: Dance Forms, John explores the nature and evolution of the period’s main types of dance. In Part 3, Dance Technicalities, John offers sections on ‘Style’, ‘Etiquette’, ‘Honours’, ‘Holds’, ‘Formations’, ‘Figures’ and ‘Steps’. In Part 4, Dances in Detail—the longest part—he offers his reconstructions of, and music for, dozens of dances and dance variants. In Part 5: Dancing Masters, John discusses developments in dance teaching, notation and publication, and offers an annotated bibliography of relevant primary sources. In every part of every volume he has placed an emphasis on original sources and has built his discussions around hundreds of included facsimiles, transcriptions, translations and illustrations. For a listing of dances relevant to Australia and which volume they are listed in see Australian Colonial Dance.

Christmas Carol Dance Book

Available online from John Gardiner-Garden and Amazon

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