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Beginner & Scottish Fiddle

Kate Scott kscottnetspeed.com.au or 6247-4753

Bordonian Heritage Dance Troupe

Managed by Aylwen Garden, perform & teach historical dances from Renaissance, Baroque, Regency and Victorian eras - from 1480 to 1880 - in full historical costumes for schools, fairs, festivals and private functions. They are available for local, interstate and international dates. http://www.bordonia.org or 6281-1098

Chromatic Harmonica

Bob Hodgson bobhodgson (at)grapevine (dot)com (dot)au or phone 6255-2189

Ian Blake

Bass, sax, clarinet. Arranging and production, as in: 'I've got this song. Now what do I do with it?' 6254-7352 or 0417-479-704 or ianblakenetspeed.com.au


Jonathon Jones 6254-1973 or 0419-463-037

John Garden

Classes every Saturday at the ANU and Wednesdays in Yarralumla, covering historical dances from Renaissance Galliards & La Voltas, Baroque Minuets & Allemandes, Regency Country Dances, Contras & Waltzes to Victorian Quadrilles and Tangos. There are classes for beginners and experienced dancers and you do not need to bring a partner. http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/upcoming1.htm

Aylwen Garden

Costume making tuition, historical costume talks and exhibitions, desktop publishing and event management.Ph 0409 817 623. http://www.earthlydelights.com.au

Polly Garland

Piano, accordion, concertina & harp. Assistance with transcription & theory etc. Piano exam preparation. pollyparrotozemail.com.au or 6247-0347

Jo Cresswell

at the Celtic Arts Agency for lessons in concertina, piano, stepdance. Also event management and folk consultancy. jojocresswell.com or 6262-7749. http://www.jocresswell.com

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