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        Alias the TiN MuGs


   Grand Assembly at the Irish Club, March 2018. Bill counseling Polly on her harp.


        Fadden September 2015                          Isabella Gardens October 2018

         Alex  Keith     Chris  Robert Matthew Wayne   Roy                             Janine Mark Wayne Wally      Dave
Janine   Peter           Mark           Maria          Rosalyn              Bill  Chris  Robert                 Maria  
                         Roni            Tim           Julie       Gavin   Secundo     Julie     Moira       Kate           Keith

        We are the Monaro Folk Society Tuesday Night Music Group. The group was formed 25 years ago. We meet each Tuesday in Canberra (hence the imaginative name), taking turns to host the sessions in our own homes: for the last year we have been meeting at the Canberra Irish Club to play on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. This friendly, spacious venue suits our growing numbers. You can see some of us in the photo above at one such session.

        We generally consider ourselves to be somewhere between beginners and intermediate level musicians, but what we all love about this group is that we do not have to be afraid of making mistakes. Some members have learned 2nd and 3rd instruments due to the acceptance and encouragement of this group. We have also some very experienced musicians. Safety in numbers for new people.

        We play a variety of instruments including accordion, concertina, fiddle, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, lagerphone, keyboard, ukulele, whistle, flute, recorder, percussion and guitar - occasionally harp & autoharp.

        We normally play a few jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes on any given night, but we are happy to try pretty much anything provided someone brings enough photocopies of the tune to go around (we tend to read tunes from music - but a few members can play by ear).

        From time to time we perform in public. In particular we ...

Myguit.gif Put on bush dances for children - either in the woolshed or at local schools

Myguit.gif Provide backing for 'Dancing in the Park' on Stage 88 in summer (December to February)

It does not cost anything to join in with us so if you think you would like to come along one Tuesday call Julie on 6282 3523 or Roy on 6161 3236

       Come and join us!

   Sessions and Events for June 2019

4th June : Roy in Yarralumla : 6161 3236
11th June : The Irish Club : (Julie on 6282 3523)
18th June : Roy in Yarralumla : 6161 3236
25th June : The Irish Club : (Julie on 6282 3523)

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      Chris             Dave             Gavin          Jeannine           Kate             Keith             Maria             Mark               Moir             Robert             Wally            Wayne

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