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Creating Accounts

If you are a current financial member of the Monaro Folk Society, wish to edit the society's public wiki, and have not yet created an account, please follow these simple steps now:

1) Think of a user code. Most users have used their Given Name, followed by the first letter of their Surname, eg LanceC. Capitalisation is important, so don't request lancec if you want your user code to be LanceC. If you have a user code for the members-only site, logging in will be simpler if you request the same user code on the public site.
2) Email the MFS membership secretary team <membership(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au> and advise them of your chosen code and your full name
3) You will receive an email back from the membership team when your account is created.

Editing the Public Wiki

Start by making sure you are familiar with the existing content, so that you can make your contribution in the right place and consistent with what is there already.

Most editors will be interested in particular areas of the site, but all editors are encouraged to be bold, and if you see something that needs fixing, go ahead and fix it.

Have a look at the MFS Wiki Help page

You will find an enormous amount of information to help you on the web. If you are looking for help with using the MFS Wiki, it will often improve your search results if you include the word MediaWiki in your search. The MFS Wiki is powered by MediaWiki.

If you can't find the help you need, then feel free to place a question on a discussion page in the MFS Wiki and someone is almost sure to know the answer. Select the "Discussion" tab, and then "edit" or "+" for a new topic. Put **Help Please** in your Summary to help your message get noticed by folk reviewing the Recent Changes page. Then watch for an answer to your question.

If you are not an MFS member and wish to edit this wiki, please join the Monaro Folk Society. Use of log-ins is audited. To avoid embarrassment, please do not log in to this wiki if you are not a current financial member of the Monaro Folk Society. If you do not wish to join the society, you are welcome to browse our Wiki, but you are not authorised to log in to the Wiki or change any of its content.

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