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The Monaro Folk Society (MFS) is a community organisation that fosters the enjoyment of active participation in the arts, with particular emphasis on our wonderful heritage of music and dance. In an environment increasingly ruled by money and commercialism, the Society provides a balance, through its community and social activities.

The Society runs a number of music singing and dance groups catering for beginners through to advanced levels. Two of these groups have open stage bands attached and provide live music for all their events.

The Society also runs two performance venues, The Merry Muse for professional level performers, and Club Night which caters for up and coming performers with black board evenings.

The Monaro Folk Society is a community organisation for the ACT and region dedicated to nurturing the folk arts and values.

There are groups within the Society for:


  • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced music groups - open weekly sessions
  • Bush Dance and Contra groups have open stage bands

Monthly singing session

Spoken Word:

  • A close association with The Queanbeyan Bush Poets


  • Contra - Bush Dance - Irish - Colonial - with Colonial, Bush and Irish dance display groups, and close associations with Scandinavian and Scottish.


  • Club Night - Monthly Blackboard and session
  • The Merry Muse - Folk music concert venue.

A week with the Monaro Folk Society:


  • Dancing in the Park on Stage 88 during December /January
  • Weekly Bush Dance Workshops / Classes
  • Weekly Irish Set Dance display practice


  • 1st and 3rd, Contra Workshops
  • Weekly - intermediate Music Group


  • Irish Set Dancing
  • Weekly - advanced Music Group/ in house bush band
  • Monthly Blackboard and Session at The Old Canberra Inn



  • 1st Friday of the month - Settlers Music and Dance night
  • Every other Friday - The Merry Muse plus special evens


  • Bush Dances on the first and last Saturdays of the month to live music
  • Bi-Monthly Contra Dance to live music
  • Bi-Monthly Irish Ceilis to live music
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